Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Smoke and a Song, Installment 4

Brand - Alcazar
Series - No. 5

Wrapper - Maduro (Connecticut)

Shape - Torpedo (6.5 x 52)
Price - ~$3.50 @ B&M
Review - (The closest that I could find to this exact cigar)

During a recent trip to my local B&M I asked for a budget Maduro. The Alcazar No. 5 is what I came out with. I can't really recommend it, but I haven't found a great price point Maduro at a B&M yet so I can't really recommend anything else either. 

The construction was fine, no complaints, and the smoke wasn't bad at all either. The problem with this stick is the flavor, or the lack there of. It delivered the taste of hardwood throughout, with little to no variance. Usually you can expect some development through the middle and even more so at the end, but alas, nothing. I suppose if you love a nice woodsy cigar and don't tend toward complexity then this is the one for you.

If I were to give one word to describe my overall experience with this cigar it would simply be, boring.


Artist - Led Zeppelin
Song - Stairway to Heaven
Album - Led Zeppelin IV
Genre - Classic Rock

This track is as classic as they come. To my taste nothing matched the woodsy feeling of the cigar like this. I hate to put such a take it or leave it stick as the Alcazar alongside one of the arguably best classic rock songs out there, but the song takes you though a forest of textures and does match the flavor of the cigar well. Not to mention the vibe of this song fits well with the overall smoking experience. 

Disclaimer: To be clear, as you'll see on the Youtube page, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this song and where it was birthed from, and I don't disagree that it is filled with dark spiritual undertones. However, as an avid music listener and a Christian I feel that any responsible adult can separate whatever the intended message is from the music and enjoy the  song for it's musical value. >>End Rant

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